Benny Dashboard

Welcome to the Benny website.

Here you can see the status page, change your server settings, or join the support server.

Hover on the features below for more information.

Mobile users will need to tap.
With plenty of advanced settings, Benny is a highly customisable bot!
Gain money from talking and commands, create shops buy roles with!
Multiple fun commands, including cute animals and much more!
Games like rock, paper scissors, mindsweeper, 8ball and more to come!
An advanced levelling system, with free role rewards!
Logging for multiple actions; role updates, nickname changes, etc!
Multiple moderation actions and punishments to ward off the trolls in your server.
Reaction Roles
Press a button, get a role, it's that simple!
Various different utility features, to help you in your server!
Web Dashboard
A clean, crisp dashboard where you can change the settings for your server.

Certified Bot Lists

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